April 29th, 2023

12:30 pm

Doors Open

1:00 pm

The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam

Documentary: Filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming travels the globe searching for the story of her great-grandfather, the cosmopolitan Long Tack Sam. A celebration of the spirit of Long Tack Sam’s magic and art, this richly textured first-person road movie is an exhilarating testament to his legacy and a tour through the 20th Century.

Directed By Anne Marie Fleming

2:28 pm

Delia 9 to 5

Short: A direct and unvarnished – yet tender and humorous – portrait of a typical day in the life of director Délia Gunn at Réservoir-Dozois, Canada while she is eight months pregnant.

Directed By Delia Gunn

2:31 pm

For the Skeptical

Musical Short: There is a new pressure on the media to deliver heat instead of shed light because technology and revenue streams are changing so rapidly. Despite the cultural and economic shifts, one thing will always matter: the truth. BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Ukrainian Dream Film Fest in Odesa. HONORABLE MENTION at the Europe Music Awards for BEST RAP

Directed By Dawn Westlake

2:35 pm


2:50 pm

Hard Shell, Soft Shell (Fragile)

Narrative Feature: A sunny and feminist romance that takes place in Sète on the Mediterranean Sea, this debut feature by emerging French director Emma Benestan tells the story of oyster farmer Az, who thinks he has it made. But when an elaborate proposal goes awry and his girlfriend Jess breaks his heart, Az is forced to confront his understanding of what happiness really looks like – both hers and his own.

Directed By Emma Benestan

4:30 pm


5:14 pm

The Bassinet

Introspective Short: When a vintage bassinet appears at filmmaker Tiffany Hsiung and long-time fiancée Victoria Mata’s home, it sets off a chain reaction of emotions. The Bassinet is a gentle and affecting story about Tiffany’s personal struggle with the intersection of her sexual orientation and cultural identity, and the cross-generational burden of having a baby in the context of rigid social constructs of marriage and family.

Directed By Tiffaney Hsiung

5:21 pm

Daughter of a Lost Bird

Documentary: Kendra Mylnechuk Potter, a Native woman adopted into a white family, reconnects with her Native identity as she searches for her birth mother.

Directed by Brooke Pepion Swaney

6:27 pm

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Honoring Our Stolen Sisters

Artistic Short: presented by the Museum of Northwest Art. Presentation by Patricia and Kevin Paul follows.



7:09 pm

Fujitaro Kubota and His Garden

Documentary:  A documentary film about the extraordinary Japanese immigrant behind South Seattle’s beloved Kubota Garden, in Rainier Beach. The beautiful 20-acre public historical landmark, a fusion of traditional Japanese and Pacific Northwest landscaping, is Kubota’s lifetime masterpiece; a testament to not only his artistry but his perseverance in the face of anti-immigrant racism. Q & A follows.

Directed By The Kubota Garden Foundation

8:19 pm

Biggest Little Farm – The Return

Documentary Short: The award-winning documentary The Biggest Little Farm tells the story of Apricot Lanes Farm, a testament to the complexity of nature and an epic odyssey to attempt to farm within a reawakening ecosystem. The story of Apricot Lanes Farm with farmers John and Molly Chester continues in The Biggest Little Farm – The Return.

Directed By John Chester

9:00 pm